Wednesday, January 19, 2011

better eating

After my daughter was born I was really into cooking healthy meals for my family. Meals with lots of veggies and good ingredients. I monitored the foods we brought into the house and kept juice boxes and gummy snacks for special treats outside of our home. But after my son was born and our lives became more stressed financially, I lost the drive and the dedication it takes to meal plan and to really pay attention to what we were eating. I noticed that certain types of snacks were sneaking in my house and we would eat a lot of frozen meals. Mostly due to time, money and stress eating. But I'm getting back on my old path slowly, making sure that we are cooking dinners at home Mon-Fri. We are staying clear of frozen food and trying new healthy recipes. I am also starting to read up on nutrition and wholesome foods. I am currently reading this book Simple Food for Busy Families. I have been skimming the book so far but I am ready to dive into their whole life nutrition approach. It's less of a cookbook and more of a guide. I want to start integrating some of the ingredients they talk about. First up will be the Basic Hummus Recipe for my one-year-old. After that I might explore the world of grain and beans more. And I definitely want to try making one of their fruit cobblers.

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eva said...

looks like a great book!