Monday, January 17, 2011

friendly favs

Today's Favs are brought to us by my friend Vanessa, who always has great taste! She had some nifty new gadgets the last time I saw her so I asked her to be a guest blogger and share some of her newest favs. Enjoy!

1. McDonald's Oatmeal! Who would've thought, right!? I grabbed this on the morning of our move (since we had NO food in the pantry) and let me say, it did NOT disappoint! I would normally NEVER (and I mean never) grab breakfast at McDonald's, but I'm totally hooked on this oatmeal, now! It would be totally easy to eat in the car, too. Pretty sure it comes in at 4.5 grams of fat and 290 calories; not too bad :)

2. Ikea's Smaland!! Up to one-hour of FREE childcare!!! Need I say more!?!? Really, I dropped Hailey off one day last week and went and casually browsed up and down every aisle of the store (I was tempted to even just sit in the cafe and sip on a cup of coffee!)! She had a blast, too! During my browse session, it got me thinking if there's a limit as to how often I can drop her off??? You can darn well put your money on it that some mom, somewhere is abusing the "free" childcare ;)

3. Boon Spoon: Easy to clean, easy to use, easy, easy, easy!

4. The Miracle Blanket. This puppy is not called the "miracle" blanket for nothing! Two kids later, I've tried EVERY swaddle blanket known to man (or moms, get it??) and this one is by far, the BEST! Justin and I joke that it's kind of borderline a baby straightjacket, but oddly enough, our babies have loved it (and so has every other baby we've recommended it to)! The best part is that it is now sold at Babies R Us.

Thanks Vanessa. Now I have to go to McDonalds in the morning and try the seriously!

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Noel Kennedy said...

We stopped at Mcdonalds for breakfast on our trip back to San Jose and we got the oatmeal. I liked it!