Sunday, January 2, 2011


This post is for all of my Southern California readers! Unlike what seems like every friend I have on Facebook, we do not have Disneyland passes. We did once, like 4 years ago, but I didn't like the restrictions on it and we don't want to pony up the large sum for our family to get them (sidenote: I see that you can now make monthly payments on passes, which explains why so many people can afford them). I was just reading the OC Register and saw this article. It seems that from now until April 14, 2011 Southern California residents can purchase a Southern California Resident 2-Day 1-Park per Day Ticket. From what I understand you basically get two tickets for $99 and the first one has to be used before May 14, 2011. Here is what it said on the OC Register:

"This year’s ticket can be used at either park — two visits at one park or one visit at each park. The two trips can happen any time between now and May 14."

“Our new offer gives local residents flexibility to choose which park, and a longer time period in which to visit,” said Betsy Sanchez, a Disneyland Resort spokeswoman.

Now I am reading it a little different on the Disney website, that you have to make sure your first visit is before May 14, 2011 but you have to purchase it before April 14, 2011. Either way it is worth looking into since regular admission is $76 and $68 for kids. When I computed the cost for my family, it would cost an extra $77 total to get two days worth for all of us. Totally worth it, right? I am going to get more details but I would definitely take note too!

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The Shaft's said...

The 14th is my birthday! Woohoo! Must be fate!

P.S. We are going to Tokyo Disney and Disney Sea this month before we leave, can not wait!