Sunday, January 2, 2011

it's time- my 2011 resolutions

If you read my blog post below, you know that I am starting something new in my life. I had written out all my 2011 resolutions prior to this. In fact, I wrote down 19 specific resolutions that only needed to be fine tuned. A few minutes ago I started to fine tune them and realized that I need to get rid of of them all. For once I need to be less specific. 2011 is unlike any other year I have had before (you will know more about the theme of this year soon) and so I shouldn't treat it the same. So, with surprise and a definite inconsistency from previous years, here are my resolutions:

2011 Resolutions
1. Have faith
2. Try harder at everything
3. Be better

It's weird, these resolutions are so vague in nature, but I know exactly what they mean and they each create a feeling in me. Nothing like my 2010 or 2009 resolutions. But these are what I need this year and maybe I need to create a little less stress and pressure on myself for once and have faith that I will create a better "me" on my own.

I'm not going to lie though, I feel like I'm letting you down with these resolutions! I aim to inspire and these seem less inspirational then usual!

Have you done your resolutions yet?

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The Shaft's said...

These are great and inspiring. I know just what you mean by needing to be vague. I made two (not a huge resolution person) and so far I have been good keeping it up. :)

eva said...

I like your resolutions

Lauren said...

So wierd to not see your long laundry list of resolutions! SOOOO Inspiring! I loved your long lists, but I really "get" this new approach and agree with it. I did not write any resolutions for 2011. I just "know" what I want to be and who I want to be and I will live each day trying my best!

Williams Family said...

Love them! Simple but challenging at times yet a great way to live 2011!