Friday, March 4, 2011

deals deals deals

It is not cheap for our family to eat out, even at In-N-Out (yummy). We have four eaters and a mini-eater. I cannot cook 7 days a week, so right now I am kind of into and I have used Groupon a lot more, but did find a good deal on Screamin and 10% goes back to a school or charity of your choice. I know that you can easily get roped into these site with all kinds of good looking deals, but I strictly keep mine to food places for the whole family and I count it into our grocery budget. So far I have gotten $20 worth of food at 3 different places for $10 each. $10 for my family to eat is cheaper than a lot of recipes. I do try and eat dinners and lunches at home during the week and eat out only on weekends, so I make sure the coupon is for a place we could easily get to on a Saturday or Sunday. And I always read the restrictions and check expiration dates. I love a good discount!

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Leslie H. said...

I am a huge fan of both! I've got some amazing deals (like Cinnamon Productions and Lamppost Pizza). The restaurants are by far the most useful.