Sunday, March 6, 2011

not juicy

I have kind of avoided this post because to each their own, but I have to write about it because it keeps coming up over and over again. When my daughter started drinking out of a sippy cup, our pediatrician clearly told us that juice is not something that we should be offering our kids. It has no real health benefits and we should be offering water and milk only. We did follow his advice and I never buy juice for our house. The only time my kids get juice is if we are eating out and it comes with a meal or if we go to someone else's house or to a party. To them it's a treat and I am okay with that. Not everyone agrees with me, I was told I was mean mom a few months ago. But here's the thing, I am hearing it everywhere now. It's coming out of very prestigious doctors mouthes, I am reading it in books, in articles online and on television. For some reason there is a real push right now to stop giving our kids juice so I am sharing it too!


2= said...

We don't give our kids juice either. I have had other moms bring juice to our house because I don't have any. Now Asher doesn't even like the taste. I would rather be a mean mom then have a child with rotten teeth!

The Shaft's said...

Adam does not give it at all. He does not like it because I tried to give it to him once and he refused. He loves water and I am just fine with that. Juice is like diet soda or even soda, bad for you and no real value. Good job Mama!

trashmaster46 said...

No need for the extra sugar. And if you're not giving it to your kids, they'll never really miss it.