Tuesday, March 8, 2011

good for baby

When I first started seeing baby food pouches at Target or the grocery store, I thought it was too late for my baby. I thought they were for beginning eaters and he is almost 15 months old. But I am always really worried about the amount of vegetables he is getting, so I still have been feeding him baby food once a day. Last week he gave up on the baby food, he wants to eat like a big boy with all of his food. So I was pleasantly surprised while having dinner at a friends house, that Madden took one of their pouches and devoured it. He thinks it's a drink and he really likes it. So now I am stocking up and giving him one a day to make sure he is getting his vegetable intake along with all the other food he is eating.

We bought some of these Happy Baby pouches at Target and my friend just gave me some from Trader Joes (thanks Brooke)!

(p.s. I was always worried about his Iron intake too, so I bough a Yo Baby yogurt that has iron in it. Problems solved).


eva said...

I'll have to try those...in a few months.

The Shaft's said...

I wanted to try these for Adam, I am sure he would love them as Lacey did!