Monday, April 11, 2011

great weekend

(1st Haircut already shown on Facebook and via SMS to everyone we know)

My weekend:
1. Started a Friday night pizza ritual at a new pizza place
2. Saw Hop (my kids absolutely loved it, I couldn't wait for it to be over)
3. Caught up with a girlfriend
4. Made up a dance routine with my oldest (he invented a move called the 'tiger tooth')
5. Watched the new iCarly (we were all really excited for this.... no really)
6. Took the baby to get his first haircut (tear, tear)
7. Texted and Facebooked many pictures of said haircut
8. Went to church and dropped off ALL the kids in Sunday School (only one cries now)
9. Split the family up so the boys could have "real boy time" (which apparently means a bike ride and milkshakes)
10. I was able to see my parents, sisters, niece, nephew & brother-in-law all in one weekend
11. Play in piles of hail and make a snowman (very rare occurrence in Southern California)
12. Clean out my car, including vacuuming 3,267 cracker crumbs

Things I did not do:
1. Laundry (oops)
2. Meal plan and make grocery list (oopsie)
3. Do necessary errands (uh oh)
4. Clean my room (oh well)

I had way too much fun this weekend to care! That's what Mondays are for.

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Anonymous said...

Sound like you had a wonderful weekend! And I agree, "that's what mondays are for!" :)