Saturday, April 16, 2011

in the thick of it

Where was I at the end of the last week? I was in the thick of it. You mom's know what this is, it is having the longest week ever struggling with tantrums, no time, extra clinginess, stress from finances, my own feelings of tiredness and basically trying to do it all with a smile. It actually sounds worse than it was but it was a long and not-so-awesome week. I was beat down emotionally by Friday and I even had a good cry on the phone with my husband (we all know what that is like when it just lets loose out of nowhere). And today I am looking around at the piles of laundry, the toys everywhere, the messiness of the kitchen and I feel like I have already lost a battle that I haven't even started. But you know what, it's the weekend, it is beautiful outside, my husband is home and I need to enjoy the weekend and so should you! Us moms can only do so much and sometimes we need to walk away from the mess, demand our family help us with all of it and enjoy each other for the days we are all together! And, I am letting daddy make all of the decisions this weekend, this mom needs to clear her head a bit.

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