Friday, November 14, 2008

Folex- Spot Remover

My mom started using Folex years ago, when I still lived at home. She was in need of a great spot remover for her carpet, especially for pesky pet stains. Someone told her about it and it worked miracles. Back then it was like $14.95 per bottle, but now I think it's under $7 at Home Depot. Now we use it on our carpet & rugs, and the bottle isn't small so it lasts a long time. It gets out any odors and stains. It has saved us a lot of grief over the years. Right now, it mostly picks up baby spit up and mystery stains from my three year old! Ha!


Vanessa said...

Oh, this stuff IS the greatest!! I came to know this product very well when Hailey was a newborn;) A definite lifesaver!

Williams Family said...

This has been our lifesaver for a few years now! One time Saul dropped a whole (yes a whole) jar of salsa on our carpet and it took out thes stains and they have never come back! I lvoe this stuff, this is one thing I cannot live without!