Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I heart my iPhone. I was one of those crazy people who paid a million dollars for it when it first came out, so I have always been excited about this phone. Well, that is until it stopped working. Part of my touch screen died out on me and since it was over a year old, the warranty had run out and it would cost $199 to fix it. Well, the new 3G is $199 so I knew I would rather get a brand new one instead of deal with the old one for the same price. But I was kind of down on Apple since they couldn't just fix it. So I had a bum phone for awhile, I could only answer calls. Well, I finally ponied up and got a new one (yay) and I am not disappointed, I forgot how much I love it (now that I can use all the buttons). It is the best. I'm back in love, as I am with all my Apple products. 

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