Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Have you ever thought of having a professional photographer at your birth, someone who could be "on call" for your special day? I am so blessed that my sister is an amazing photographer, but she lives 2.5 hours away and has her own family. It just never crossed my mind. Well that is until I saw my friend Brooke's photographs from the birth of her third child. Brooke was a warrior woman and had her little Mr. Benjamin at home! Amazing right? And look at the photographs she has of those moments.

How beautiful (and Brooke you look gorgeous even giving birth). You can see more photos here. So who is this special woman who takes birthing photographs? Her name is Lindsey Kliewer. You can see her photos at her blog Our Beautiful Mess. She is located in Orange County, California. I contacted Lindsey and asked her to give me a little insight on how it works! Here is what she had to say:

"I always want to meet face to face with the woman before the actual day, to connect and give her an opportunity to ask questions, feel out her style/likes/dislikes in regards to the birth shoot. I feel like this could be a great opportunity to get to know her and for her to know me, so that I can be a more comfortable, safe, supportive person in the room during the birth. Plus if it's a homebirth, then that gives me the chance to make sure I know where she lives. Also, during the initial meeting with the mom, I want to make it clear that at any time, she can ask (or tell) me to leave the room. I want her to feel the freedom to create the environment she needs to birth her baby and if that doesn't include me for some moments, then so be it! I also want to communicate this with her support people (spouse, mother, doula, etc) the day of the birth so that they too can be an advocate for her.

A couple things about me... I am a strong believer that a woman's body is more than capable to birth her baby, and that she needs a safe place (in all senses of the word) to do so. I also LOVE birth!!! Ever since I can remember I always have! I am a nurse. In fact I went into nursing with the hopes of someday becoming a midwife. I am well read on the art and science of birth so I understand the process and the stages and such; this can help me go with the flow of the birth and anticipate what might be coming next. "

Lindsey sounds amazing right? After having three babies of my own, I wish I had something like this for my kids. So I had to share it with you! If you would like to contact Lindsey go to her website here, click on the Contact section and you can send her a message!


eva said...

WOW! Beautiful! (my photos would NOT have looked like that, sweaty, messy hair and screaming would not have photographed so nicely ;))

lindsey said...

amanda, thanks for the kids words! i feel honored to be featured on your site! and eva, there is beauty in and because of the sweat and messiness - and that photographs beautifully ;)

Kathy said...

Being a L&D RN and CCE, I must admit there are very few good birth pictures. These are beautiful and something you will always treasure. You should consider putting a picture book together for moms-to-be. They always want to see pictures of real women in labor :)

Stop a moment running away said...

What a gorgeous selection of photos, she has taken them so elegantly.
I've recently been reading you blog, but can't seem to find a 'follow' button on your page? Maybe I'm missing it, help please?

The Shaft's said...

Oh this is great! I would love this. In my bookmarks. :)

dfawzy said...

really nice topic amanda

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