Wednesday, February 9, 2011

two things together

When two good things come together....I'm happy. I love my Pottery Barn Kids Lunch Bag. It's cute and easy to carry. Plus, it has zippered pockets on the outside and inside so I can fit more things in it. I also love my new Bright Bin Lunch Box sent to me by the people at Bright Bin. It's small enough that it fits inside of my Lunch Bag with a small water. The top compartment can fit a sandwich or something larger and then the bottom has trays for separate items. So much better than wasting sandwich bags or having lots of separate containers that get lost and have to all be washed (Mark hates that). Both are BPA free and easy to clean. I like that they can both be used separately or together. When it's summer I am constantly packing snacks and after awhile having loose food in my reusable grocery bags sloshing around everywhere gets old. I am going to try and keep it simple with these two things this summer (I am seriously already thinking about it!).

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