Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bicycle Style- Guest Blog

Hello and thanks to Amanda for asking me to Guest Post. If you've ever read my blog, you know I dream of owning a cute bicycle. Today I'll share just three of my favorites.

1. Jorg and Olif: This Canadian company has the spiffiest marketing and I'll admit that's what first got me sucked into the brand. But I've seen their bicycles in real life and their beautiful. I like both the Scout and the Original designs. Jorg and Olif also sells fantastic accessories.

2. Skeppshult: I tend to like anything Swedish and these bicycles are no exception. I love the leather seats and simple lines.

3. Schwinn: Great classic style and a perfect price on the Sid and Nancy Schwinn bicycles.




Anonymous said...

Awesome! I want all of them. And cute blog Frolic!

Jules Evans said...

I love it!

If you are reading this in London check out Bobbin Bicycles in Clerkenwell, They are super-friendly and the bikes are a dream come true!

mary said...

Great picks! I am so psyched to see Schwinn get on the cool-bike wagon.

erica said...

I love the Jorg & Olif bikes - especially the model names "Oma" and "Opa" - Dutch for grandma and grandpa. My grandparents have near-identical bikes :)

Helen said...

This makes me want to ride a bicycle through the meadows while wearing a cute sundress!

christina said...

We also dream of owning some cool bikes. If you're in San Francisco, check out Valencia Cyclery in the Mission for some cute stuff, too. Great picks...I'm going to show these to my husband. He'll love them, too.

sunny said...

I too am looking for a cute bike and love all the ones you posted!

Am grateful to have a brother who works in the bicycle business and can spot a good deal for me. Now I have bike names/styles to give him!

Pretty blog!

The Shafts said...

These are so cool. We have a lot like them here is Japan.

::{J}:: said...

Oh, I like the 2nd one, definitely! Although lately I've been looking at vintage Schwinn 10 speeds...:)