Saturday, August 16, 2008


I  just finished reading the new issue of People magazine and there is a quote that I want to share from Elizabeth Edwards. 

"It's not just when you're onstage with bright lights on you. It's in your kitchen and carpool and office, all of those places, that the value of your life is measured."

This quote just stuck to me, so I wrote it down on a subscription card to keep. To think about how the value of our life is measured is mind-boggling to me. Maybe this quote put me in check because I like those so-called "bright lights." I always think that my life is measured by how big I do things, not really all that I do. Elizabeth is saying that our value is a total of all our life's work, even the small things like making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich just the way your son likes it. I guess when someone is faced with a terminal disease, they see things more clearly then others. Thank you Elizabeth Edwards for opening my eyes today. I am going to keep this close to my heart.

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Williams Family said...

Amanda You what this is great. YOu know when you hear your son at the age of 20 say you know what my mom always did for me she made PBJ sandwiches just for me and then he will say the special thing that you did. The moments are the best!! You know the smallest things matter to kids and also we get to do those things for them and what a blessing that is. You are so awesome and have really enjoying getting to know you. I need your digits because I want to call you get some prices on some things that I want done. Have a great rest of the week.