Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lunch is Served

I can't believe it's back-to-school time already. I'm getting ready to send my son to preschool for the very first time! So when I read the September issue of Parents Magazine I got excited to see the multiple page spread of different lunch box ideas. They are all healthy and heck some of these would make great dinner ideas or lunch ideas for me! I know we all get in the rut of giving our kids the same few things and these look so fun, colorful and tasty. Plus I love the lunch trays they are in, anyone know where to get them? If you want to check out the webpage version that tells everything in them click here. Happy back-to-school!


danielle said...

I love these...and think they would make a great grown-up lunch. Did you ever find out where those containers were from??

Kristen Accisano said...

I think these are what you're looking for... It's a take off of the Japanese Bento (lunchboxes for adults)

Pumpkin Petunia said...

Yes, I think they are laptop lunchboxes.