Friday, August 8, 2008

A New Life

My life and most importantly, my body have gone through a lot of changes lately and for the better! After having Piper 4 months ago, I knew that it was time to take charge of my health, something I had been postponing for awhile. At 28, it's not like I was obese, yet I was overweight pre-baby. And, our eating habits were, well, eat a lot and enjoy it! Which is fun, but was taking its toll. I think that a big realization came when I would grocery shop and I would never buy anything from the fresh vegetable section, only frozen. Now we buy lots and lots of colorful vegetables! And we still eat treats, but in moderation. Plus it makes a scoop of ice cream more fun, and now we share a lot more instead of getting our own. Frozen yogurt is always a life saver for that sweet tooth and with kiwi and a some brownie bites I am totally satisfied!

Today after pilates, I took the long way home and was inspired to post the things that inspire me to get my family and myself healthier. Some things have been posted before but it's ok to duplicate right? So here they are!

This show planted the seed in my mind that it was time to change. I encourage everyone to watch it, it's inspiring and uplifting, and it's also educational. I learned to NEVER get a shake at fast food restaurants anymore, they are the worst thing on the list! I cannot wait until the next season of this show starts again. I am now 13 pounds below my pre baby weight and I hope more can come off!

This book made our healthy eating take off! It taught me about portions and made me pay attention to all the calories, fat, fiber, etc. in every meal. Plus the recipes are super easy and got me back into cooking and learning what ingredients to buy. I have moved on from this book for the most part but still make some recipes like the tacos and taco salad. I also signed up online for her weekly emails, which are awesome!

I swear that pilates has totally transformed my body. Now my body is in a shape I have never seen before and I love it! I feel leaner and I like how I look in my clothes. I really love pilates and I feel thankful that I am able to do it and that I have a great instructor. 

This is the cookbook I am into now. We have made some good recipes from here. I love it because every recipe has the nutritional contents. I will never buy a cookbook again that does not have all the serving size and nutritional contents in it!

And lastly, I love where we live! Ladera Ranch helps keep us healthy. We love to go on family walks on the trails around our house. Or we walk up to get breakfast on the weekend! We are so fortunate to be here in a place that not only is all about community, but about being outdoors!

I hope that perhaps this post can inspire you to strive for a healthier life. I know that I am still in the learning phase, but by taking tiny steps and finding what works for you, it is possible to get healthier in ways you never imagined. Be fearless and try it!


mary said...

Totally inspiring! I have been off the workout and diet wagon since the start of this year. My new neighbor owns a Pilates studio in town and I've been dying to try - the expense has been a deterrant, though. Now I'm really thinking it might be worth it!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you Amanda! You put your heart and soul into your family and I'm so happy that you are taking the time to care for yourself too. I'll have to join you for pilates one of these sounds like a great place and you have gotten amazing results!!!