Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mary's Favorite Things- Guest Blog

Hello everyone! My name is Mary, and Amanda has asked me to share a few of my favorite things with you today. It's a bit of a departure from the slices of my life that I share at my blog, South End Blend, so I'm happily here to do just that.

I gave this post quite a bit of thought. Because, frankly, choosing my favorite of anything is a tough task. I'm constantly inspired, I love a lot, and there's just so darn much that's covetable. Here are four of my of-the-moment loves:

1. The Madeline Weinrib 'Emma' rug is my dream come true: pair red and crisp white with a classic yet of-the-minute pattern and you're mine, all mine. Well, not technically...unfortunately, this beauty will run me a pretty penny, so for now I worship it from afar (and, in the meantime, search high and low for a suitable knockoff.)

2. I'm a sucker for letters. And the color turquoise. This letter S (the initial of my last name) from Urban Outfitters fits both those bills, and would look great as a part of the little vignettes that I'm always mixing and matching and creating in corners of my home.

3. There's nothing like fall in New England, and I love it. Especially because its the perfect season to wear boots. Frye boots are sexy with a down home edge, and this fall I'm determined to invest in a pair. The 'Vicki Campus' suit me to a T: they're tall, feminine, and timeless.

4. My Nikon D40 camera is my constant companion. My budding interest in photography and capturing the simple beauty around me prodded me to invest in something a notch above a simple point-and-shoot, and I'm so happy I did. I'm still learning all her bells and whistles and features, but so far, we're getting along super well.


Anonymous said...
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::{J}:: said...

I love that rug!

Anonymous said...

The boots are gorgeouse! I want those!! And the rug!! ;-)

Laurin said...

Hi, I followed Mary here from her blog. Great picks. My Frye boots are my favorite - lower heel because I'm almost 6', and I'm loving and learning my new Nikon D40.

I've subscribed Amanda!

Barchbo said...

Gorgeous! Hi, Mary!

Of course I love everything...mostly those boots!

please sir said...

Amazing picks - congrats on the guest blog!

Sheri said...

Love those picks. And I'm just learning on a new D40 too.

Mrs.French said...

Yay! I love Mary's favs...I am also happy to stumble upon your sweet blog...I will be back!

karey m. said...

everyone loves frye boots, don't they? they are always uncontrived sexiness.

love your picks. love this new blog!

{yay. a new blog. just what i need. PEOPLE! STOP BEING SOCREATIVE AND ENTICING! AARGH!}