Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dear Costco,

Thanks a lot. Today while we were shopping for necessities, those nice old ladies kept handing us little snacks. We started with pasta, then a little chicken bowl and then off to a Chex Mix Turtle Bar, which I popped in my mouth. As I started to bite down I realized "Oh S***, this has chocolate in it," and promptly spit it out (no chocolate for Lent). Wow, that was close.  Now remember that Mark is giving up dairy, so we kept making sure that he wasn't eating anything he shouldn't have and I think I was concentrating too much on that. We then came up to the cookies and brownies and realized Mark couldn't have either of them, so I got a brownie for Brody and popped one in my mouth too... and I chewed. "Oh crap," it was too late, I ate chocolate. I was really disappointed, I mean I gave up dairy for 5 months, giving up chocolate shouldn't be that hard. Well, I felt a little better since we had started two days early, Lent actually starts tomorrow. So I partook in a Coca-Cola on the way out, I told you I'm addicted. Now, let's hope that the next 40 days goes smoother and I was just having an off day today. I did tell my sister "Good job for going to the grocery store," but she really went to the gym, today wasn't my sharpest day ever.

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