Thursday, February 5, 2009


When Mark and I lived in San Diego, our favorite date night restaurant was Filippi's in either Little Italy or Mission Valley. In fact, we have never found a similar Italian place that we liked as much here in Orange County, well until now. Part of the family that owns Filippi's opened Mr. D's Pizza Grotto in San Juan Capistrano and it's exactly the same. It's super family friendly and delicious. In the last month or so we've already been there twice and ordered take out once. We are thrilled! Info below:

Mr. D's Pizza Grotto
Located in Marbella Plaza
31111 Rancho Viejo Road 
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675


Vanessa said...

Ooh, yay!! We will have to try that very, very soon:) Thanks for sharing!

eva said...

Yum! Good Italian food is so good :)

Leslie H. said...

Definitely one of our favorites now too...thanks to you and the Whittaker's!

Theresa said...

Hey- so funny, my cousin alicia worked at the filipis in temecula forever. I am blogging now- Have not really done, but it is a start. Add my blog-