Sunday, February 8, 2009


I bought this detergent on accident at Babies R Us. I thought it was more of a Dreft type detergent, specifically for babies (I was in a rush). Once I got home I decided to use it anyways and I actually love it. It's called Tide Pure Essentials with Baking Soda and it really cleans well. I never buy detergent with any sort of fragrance, but the white lilac scent is subtle and amazing. I love smelling everything fresh out of the dryer.

Just thought I would share!


eva said...

Did you find the place mat @ BRU?

mary said...

You know, this is so ironic that you posted about Tide. I always buy the cheapest detergent I can find (I cannot justify spending 15 bucks on it!) but the other day I bought Tide on a whim. I was literally swooning over the smell...but I swore to myself that that was a one time splurge and that I wasn't going to buy it again.

And now, your post. So -- OK -- maybe I'll try this one...just ONCE... ;)

Anonymous said...

I use that brand of Tide all the time and I think they have it in fragrance free.