Thursday, February 26, 2009

real quick

I'm throwing myself a pity party and inviting you to come. I gained 3 pounds and can't fit into my skinny jeans (muffin top to the extreme) and I can't afford to shop. These two things are about as unimportant as it can come in my life right now but they are bothering me and I thought "hey I deserve to have a pity party, even just for a brief moment." So at my pity party we are going to look at 4 delicious things I found online that I would love to own. Once you have seen them, the pity party is over and it's time for me to move on.


Leslie said...

I love the dress! I actually think I saw an alternate version of it yesterday at Nordstrom. It had a silk bottom and the main skirt was pinstripe. Is it by Matty M?

Dave and Lauren said...

I gained 9 on my visit to CA. Back to the workouts and watching waht I eat!