Monday, January 11, 2010

catching up

The more kids I have, the more I forget to keep up on our family photos. I'm great at taking them and loading them into iPhoto, but that's it! So last week I uploaded all of 2009's photos into Kodak Gallery and ordered them.

Now I know that people are steering clear of traditional photo albums and having Photo Books made, but I still like traditional photos and having a hard copy. I am also not a fan of multiple albums per year, so I always order one big album per year and have it personalized with our name and the year on it. I get my albums from Exposures and this album can hold up to 480 4x6 pictures (I take a lot of pictures). I'm ordering my album now and can't wait to fill it up. And hopefully for 2010, I'll do it throughout the year and not just at the end.

Another thing I forgot to show you that I love from Exposures is this Custom Photo Ornament. Every year I have that year's photo with Santa put on one of these and they look so pretty on the tree!!!


The Shaft's said...

Just so it is out there, I am stealing this idea! Great idea, I used to scrapbook and I despise it now and was looking for a new way to have our photos displayed!

Lauren said...

I do one album a year, as well.