Sunday, January 31, 2010

sip & see

This weekend we hosted a Sip & See at our house for the new baby. My hubby has a big family and I opted out of having a baby shower since it was baby #3. For those who are not familiar with a Sip & See, you have an open house with about a 4 hour time period where people can stop by and meet your baby. We waited until he was 7 weeks old. I definitely recommend doing this, especially if you have a big family. It's hard to get everyone to see the new baby when you first come home.

For food we had soup & sandwiches, veggies, fruit kabobs, chips, 7-layer dip, salsa, pita chips, hummus, popcorn, cupcakes and assorted cookies. For drinks we had a champagne bar, sparkling cider and lemonade, beer, sodas, water and coffee. Other than the soup in the crock pot, I choose foods that did not need to be cooked or heated up so that I could easily refill. With a new baby it's important not too overextend yourself. And, just from refilling everything I was exhausted. So glad I wasn't cooking anything.

Decorations were minimal. I sewed a few flag banners and made circular hanging decorations. We also put out baby blocks with the baby's name on it and put out beautiful bouquets of flowers.

I always try to use all different kinds of serving dishes I have acquired over the years. Some were crystal, white ceramic, etc. I also made sure to use real champagne glasses, but I did use blue, square paper plates and paper bowls for the soup.

I definitely recommend doing a Sip & See! It was perfect!


eva said...

Aw, it looks like it was just perfect!! Yummy food and drinks, too!

Whitney said...

Looks gorgeous! Sorry we missed it!

The Shaft's said...

I was thinking about doing this when I come back to visit after this one if born. We will see. Super cute.

Kathleen said...

I wish Ali had told me about it. I would have loved to come and visit your new little man!