Saturday, January 2, 2010

eat smart

Time for me to get this baby weight off! Unfortunately I can't exercise until end of the month due to my c-section, but I can kick start my diet. And when I say diet, I mean feeding myself and my family healthy meals and snacks. I don't buy into fad diets.

I just read this quick article in Everyday Food about ways to upgrade your diet. It's 15 ways to make healthy eating easier. Although most of it is common sense, I think it's just a great reminder of ways to maintain good health.

1. Kick start with protein- eat a protein-rich breakfast, you tend to consume fewer calories through the day

2. Rethink your cooking- don't fry or saute, try poaching, roasting or cooking in parchments instead.

3. Swap it out- use simple substitutions to cut calories: pick yogurt instead of sour cream, mustard instead of mayo, and lean ham instead of bacon

4. Don't drink your calories- replace fruit juices, lattes and sodas with seltzer water spiked with lemon, lime or cucumber slices. Or go for coffee with a splash of milk.

5. Pay attention to portions- a serving is the size of a deck of cards (starchy foods the size of a tennis ball). Eat as much veggies as you want.

6. Go easy on the oil- don't pour it straight into the pan. Use measuring spoons, or a pastry brush to save calories.

7. Boost your vegetables- reduce the amount of meat and increase the amount of vegetables on your plate.

8. Choose lean protein- lower-fat meats, such as skinless chicken and turkey breast or beef and pork tenderloin, and eat more fish and meatless proteins like beans and tofu.

9. Slim down your salads- Reduce the dressing, cheese or croutons. Reduce the oil in your dressings or use low-fat buttermilk as a base. Toss salads with enough dressing just to coat.

10. Add fat-free flavor- enhance dinners with a touch of vinegar, citrus juice, spices or fresh herbs.

11. Fill up on fiber- beans, whole grains and legumes have lots of fiber and help you feel fuller longer.

12. Snack smart- choose snacks like fruits, carrots, hummus and sliced chicken breast.

13. Savor some soup- brothy soups are usually low in fat and help fill you up.

14. Eat slowly- take your time and stop eating when you are almost full.

15. Don't deny yourself- finish your meals with low-fat treats like angel-food cake, meringues and fresh fruits. Or enjoy a small portion of our favorite dessert or a few squares of bittersweet chocolate.

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Whitney said...

Here is a little incentive for you:
Maybe a present to yourself for reaching your goals! Good luck!