Sunday, January 17, 2010

the breast stuff

This post is for the moms who breastfeed. Since it is a large part of my life right now (every 3 hours), I have to share my favs.

These are my favorite nursing pads and I have tried them all! They are soft, not flimsy and are at a great price. I get mine at Target.

I have also found that you can get great nursing bras at Target. For me, I prefer buying a bunch of cheaper nursing bras over one expensive one. I can't do laundry fast enough and they are all really comfortable anyways. I also love to have a few nursing tanks from Target for night time or just for lounging around.

And of course the best thing ever invented, the Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover. I know there are other brands that do the same thing, but this is what I have and I love it. It's 100% cotton and I throw it in the washer all the time. I didn't have one with my first child and I use to cry trying to nurse places. I never had a blanket big enough to cover me and I always felt awkward. I take this cover EVERYWHERE I go. I never leave the house without it. It makes it easy to nurse in public, in the car or at home if you have guests over. A nursing cover is a must have and I love this one. I got mine a couple of years ago at Nordstroms, but I know they sell them all over.

Almost 5 years ago (and 3 kids later) I bought the Medela Pump In Style breast pump and it's still going strong! I used it daily when I worked and I use it now at home. I know that's it's pricey but I think it was a great investment for me.

And, I've already said a million times how much I love my boppy!

Happy nursing!

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eva said...

you gave me my nursing cover as a gift, and I have to say it was the most used and useful item for a whole year. Thank you!