Wednesday, January 20, 2010

write it down

Do you ever stop and say to yourself, "where has the time gone?" Our daily lives are consumed with errands, chores, and to-do's. I was noticing that I wasn't giving the proper time to prayer. And, when I was praying, I would get lost in my prayers thinking about other things. Now something similar may apply to you, but not with prayers. Maybe you just haven't had time to think about your wishes, things you are thankful for, etc. Well I started my own Prayer Journal. I write in it Sunday nights for the entire week. I write down all the things and people I am praying for and I make them specific to that week ahead. Then the next week I start new ones. I will also write down bible verses that give me inspiration for that week (maybe yours are special quotes you heard). Either way, I noticed that it gives me some time to fully devote to where I am at, as well focus on other people I am thinking about. Through out the week I revisit them and they are already fresh in my mind. I know that I need to grow in my daily prayers and "ME" quiet time, but for now I feel like I found a way to help me go in that direction. It's really about finding a few minutes to center yourself. I really recommend it in any form that you would see fit.

(And to my friends now you know when I say, "I'm praying for you," that I really am! Or if you want me to add you to my prayers email me at


Williams Family said...

Love this post! Having a prayer journal is an amazing thing, it keeps you focused and reminds you of all the things you often forget as you sit down to pray! I love you!

eva said...

Great idea to keep a focused journal of the "things" at hand each week and proabably a great tool to reflect on everything that has gone on.