Thursday, May 13, 2010

30 things i want to accomplish the first 30 days of my 30's

S0 my 30's are officially here! (Happy Birthday to me) I decided to start my 30's off the way that I want them to be characterized after they are done. I want them to be remembered as 10 years of continually doing things to better myself and other people. I am excited for my 30's and all the possibilities they hold for me. I know that I am going places and I want to be prepared for the adventure. So here are 30 things I want to accomplish the first 30 days of my 30's (May 14 - June 12). They may seem like no big deal, but each one serves a purpose to continue/start/remember/stop doing things that are important to me. As a whole they make up the person I want to be more of. Now let's get started, I will keep my checklist on me at all times, and I will let you know what happens on June 13th. Maybe you will be the recipient of one of my to-do's!

30 things I want to accomplish the first 30 days of my 30's

1. Giveaway something I love

2. Leave an anonymous gift on someone's doorstep

3. Go on a date with my hubby to jump-start more dates

4. Give a stranger a compliment

5. Donate to a new charity

6. Set up my etsy shop

7. Write 5-10 goals for the next decade

8. Do a good deed for a friend

9. Do a good deed for a stranger

10. Send someone a letter

11. Try something new (anything)

12. Start a garden

13. Sew something out of a sewing book

14. Write 5 pages for my book

15. Buy myself a present

16. Call my mom/dad/sisters just to say "I love you"

17. Sleep train the baby

18. Teach my kids a valuable lesson

19. Have the kids pick and do their own good deed

20. Give a friend a compliment

21. Surprise hubby with something

22. Surprise the kids with a picnic/party

23. Try a new recipe

24. Lose 4 pounds

25. Bite my tongue when I am about to make a negative comment about someone

26. Put together an emergency kit

27. Have a whole day where the kids pick whatever they want to do all day

28. Take a good picture of myself as a 30 year old

29. Pray for a miracle

30. Do something I hate to do


Williams Family said...

Love all of them! Here is to the best birthday ever! Happy 30th! Love you!

eva said...

What a great list! Happy beginning of a wonderful decade!

The Duff Family said...

Great list...very inspiring!

Lauren said...

Good list. Happy Birthday!

Whitney said...

Happy B-day!! I know I will be the recipient for at least on of those things, but if I had to choose it would be the recipient of a big gift!!! That would definitely help in reaching your goals!! xoxoxo Love you so much my little baby sister!!! Happy 30th!!!

Gina said...

So excited to hear how much you've accomplished off your list so far! Let's get together for lunch or dinner before you work on losing those 4 pounds! xo