Sunday, May 23, 2010


5 reasons why this is one of my favorite desserts:
1. You can make it in less that 5 minutes and it can be made on the spot at a party
2. It's cheap to make
3. It's light and refreshing
4. It tastes good
5. It has no dairy for those people with dairy intolerance

All you do is buy the already made angel food cake in your grocery store's bakery. It's usually with the pre-packaged cookies and desserts. Buy a carton of strawberries. You can either just cut the strawberries up, like in the picture above. Or, in our family we mash them up and add some sugar so it's more like a sauce. Sometime I slice the cake in half and make a layer of strawberries inside too. No matter you do it's great. And, if you find that you forgot you said you would bring something to a potluck, it requires no preparation or thought!

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wishful nals said...

yummmm! and it's easy to make! even better. xo!