Sunday, May 30, 2010

checking in

I'm past the half way mark on my "30 things the first 30 days of my 30's". I'm checking in with my progress! I have 12 items complete with 18 left to do and 13 days to do them. I'm finding that I completed some of them multiple times, others I'm waiting for the right moment and a few are big ticket items. Here's what I have left to do:

#1. Giveaway something I love

#2. Leave an anonymous gift on someone's doorstep

#3. Go on a date with my hubby to jump-start more dates

#6. Set up my etsy shop

#7. Write 5-10 goals for the next decade

#10. Send someone a letter

#12. Start a garden

#13. Sew something out of a sewing book

#14. Write 5 pages for my book

#16. Call my mom/dad/sisters just to say "I love you"

#17. Sleep train the baby

#19. Have the kids pick and do their own good deed

#22. Surprise the kids with a picnic/party

#24. Lose 4 pounds

#26. Put together an emergency kit

#28. Take a good picture of myself as a 30 year old

#29. Pray for a miracle

#30. Do something I hate to do

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