Tuesday, May 25, 2010

letters on birthdays

I'm sure I have told you before that I write a letter to my kids every birthday. I type it up and seal it away for when they turn 18. I just finished writing Brody's letter, as he turned 5 today. Wow, how the time flies by! Reflecting on what kind of boy he is and how much I love him is the best way to finish the day. I can't wait to think of what these letters might mean to him when he is older. Do you want to do something similar but you have missed birthdays already? Who cares! I started this tradition on Brody's 3rd birthday and I went back and made one letter about his birth. I think he won't mind that I missed those first two years. Happy writing!


Whitney said...

I love this tradition!!

eva said...

This is priceless, he will treasure the letters for ever.

anna banana! said...

This is such a great idea - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! You are such a good mommy and he will appreciate this when he is older... so sweet!