Thursday, May 27, 2010

party party

I love to throw a party (that is what I do after all) and part of what I love about it is making my own decorations. But, what happens when you are throwing your son a Shrek birthday party? We took six, 5 year old boys to see Shrek Forever After last weekend. I know for a fact they do not understand or care about my homemade decorations and they want the real Shrek! So I went to Celebrate Express and was so stoked to find everything I could possibly need for the party. They have every theme you can imagine and the best part is that they give you suggestions for what you might need. I bought my paper goods and favors through them and I was really happy with the outcome!

By the way, we had no idea what to do for the cake, so Mark and I put our heads together and this is what we did. Cute, right? The Shrek figure is cut out from one of the paper plates and I did a bunt cake and mixed my own green frosting (green + yellow food coloring).

p.s. Have you ever driven a bunch of 5 year old boys around....that was the loudest, craziest 15 minutes of my life. No joke.

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Whitney said...

So great! I bet it was fun! The most I have driven was 4 5 yr old girls and I swore I would never do it again! Can't imagine more kids and boys! Super mom!!