Tuesday, September 21, 2010

attention oc moms

I just read about the new Disney Store that had its grand opening today at The Shops at Mission Viejo.....it's not any old regular store either, it's the fifth newly designed store in the country. From what I understand it features a "Pixie Path" that takes shoppers around the store and through interactive elements. There is a movie theater, a walk-through castle and a Cars themed workshop. The goal when they came up with the concept is to give a child the best 30 minutes of their day. I am definitely curious now and I will take the kids.... but the real question is, can I get in and out of there without buying something? I hope so!


Vanessa said...

We made it there, today and it was adorable! Hailey LOVED her trip through the "princess' castle!"

The Shaft's said...

I was walking by it the day before it opened and heard Disney music playing and people sweeping behind the curtain. I thought I had jumped into Snow White the movie. It was hilarious.