Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i heart books

I LOVE children's books....I have always loved them. My dad use to take me to the bookstore almost every Saturday and let me pick out whatever books I wanted. That love for books has stayed with me throughout my life and I know it will never go away. In fact I want to write books... books for adults and books for children. Hopefully someday (sooner than later).

Did you know that I get sent books to review? I'm lucky huh? So since I have all these beautiful books I am thinking that I would love to start a new blog about children's books. What do you think? Any suggestions for a blog name?

Well as you can see from this picture, I have lots of new books to read with the kids and I will do blog posts about my favs.


The Shaft's said...

I would love this because I am always wondering what books to read to Adam. I want him to be a reader. I recently went to MV library and can not wait to go pick up a few of their free books and buy some of the used ones too! No idea on a name I am korny and would think of something like, "one book, two books, three books review!" lame I know.

eva said...

Great idea Amanda, I share your love for books ... maybe you can make it a collaborative type of blog? I am thankful Maya is a book lover as well (although she's not too discriminating in her literary choices yet, she was in love with house painting brochure that was left on our door step)