Thursday, September 9, 2010

a friend's fav

My friend Lauren (that's her son Adam above) did a blog post about the podee. I had never heard of it or tried it, but she loves is. I think it's definitely worth sharing. It's a hands-free feeding system that allows for upright feeding (helps reduce colic and ear infections). So cool!

Here's what Lauren had to say about it, "I really like it. He obviously is too young to hold a bottle and he has to suck really really hard so it is not a "lazy" bottle by any means. It is a lot of parts to clean but I just soak them and then they are good to go. It is a reasonable price too."

Looks like it works to me! This would have been helpful with my super colicky baby (good thing he grew out of it around 3 months old).

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eva said...

he looks happy and well fed to me. Cute baby!!