Thursday, September 9, 2010

a poem i wrote right now for no reason but because i needed to

i'm all over the place lately
stacks of bills and to-do's everywhere
everything in my life is kind of messy right now
but for me that means an organized mess
i'm trying to balance my life with our life
it's hard
i'm getting work done
i have work
that's the miracle
but I need more
lots more
i just cried out loud
it was weird
i read a blog where someone just completed a dream of mine
i was crying out of envy
and happiness for them
it was weird
i'm usually really good at not being jealous
i know my time will come
but today was different and I cried out of frustration and sadness
life is hard right now
i want my own accomplishment and a little less stress
but I guess it's not my time
and struggling is good for the soul
and necessary for success



Whitney said...

Are you reading my thoughts?? I think alot of people feel this way right now. It won't always be so hard. Love you!!

The Shaft's said...

I want to add to your plate and come see you! Whenever you are free my dear. Right there with you!

eva said...

I love you poem!!!