Tuesday, November 9, 2010

household tip.... or common knowledge

When our laundry cup gets really sticky, my hubby throws it in the laundry with the next batch of clothes and washes it. I think he is literally a genius for doing this. To me, it's like he invented the washing machine it's so amazing how it comes out perfectly and I don't have to wash it in the sink. Now.....I'm afraid to ask if this is common knowledge that I never knew about. Like does every person know about this and do it all the time? Maybe it's best if you don't tell me. I like that I think it's so amazing every time I do it myself. But for today, this is my fav household tip.


The Shaft's said...

um I would have never thought to do that! baahah! I wash it in the sink or run it under the water in the wash as it goes. Wow we are quick ones huh?

Gina said...

not common knowledge...love it!