Wednesday, November 10, 2010

presents galore

I know we haven't hit Thanksgiving yet, so I am sorry for all these Christmas shopping posts, but I am telling you that you have to pay attention to all the deals on toys right now. My kids made their lists today (pictured above), but I have been price comparing for a week or so now between Target and Toys R Us. I did ALL my Christmas shopping over the last three days. I went to Target for items less there and Toys R Us for items less there. I saved $93 by going to the cheaper store and taking advantage of their sales right now (and I used a 15% off coupon). I also got $20 in gift cards back at Toys R Us to use for future purchases. AND I got two extra toys FREE that were part of "buy this, you also get this" deals and those totaled $36. And I'm done because both places were stocked since it was so early. I know we are all on a budget so don't fret, just save those catalogs and research online. Totally worth it.

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