Tuesday, November 30, 2010

last night

Last night I had the privilege of attending the Civil Forum with President Bush at Saddleback Church. Yes, I am a Republican and yes, I was excited to go. But, it wasn't a rally or a Republican convention type thing (although most people there were supporters of Bush). It was an honest conversation between Pastor Rick and President Bush about leadership, his book and his time as President. Now, I feel privileged because I got to go and all tickets were free for everyone, secondly I got an insight into the life of a president which is pretty intriguing, thirdly I got to see what President Bush is really like (he's pretty funny and really interesting) and fourth I got to hear about leadership from someone who had one of the highest positions as a leader. How inspiring! Honestly, I would go listen to any president speak. So here is what I took from such a momentous night in my life (I took brief notes, but could never really clearly explain what I learned):

1. As a leader you cannot have self-pity
2. A leader must have faith (in something)
3. You must act calm in a crisis, if the leader panics, everyone will panic. Wait and process what is happening before you make a rash decision
4. Surround yourself with good people
5. Creative differences in your team are important and essential, until they become destructive. You must know when to step in.
6. Let people pray for you
7. It's not about you, you cannot lead properly serving yourself and your ego

That last one is what I am trying to live by the most. I watch people constantly make everything about themselves. Someone passes away or are sick- and suddenly all the actions by others are self serving (to get attention usually). I think it's natural to do that. But when we react to things, I think we need to ask ourselves, are we making this about us? A friend is in pain and hasn't been treating you well at the moment. Do we react with anger because we are not getting treated right, or do we help our friend with the pain (because it was never about us)?

Do you know what else really bothers me? Last night two crazy women started shouting out (loudly, for awhile and at separate times) to disrupt the whole forum. I have no idea what they were saying (which proves how unproductive it was) but it was a little scary (you just never know) and really rude. I know that we all have causes that are important to us, but if you cannot be respectful to other people at a gathering where they want to be at, of the President (no matter how you feel about him) or in a CHURCH... well then I don't know what to say. I am constantly disheartened by the lack of respect people have for others- this goes back to the "it's not about you." I think about this every time I hear about murder, rape and other crimes committed against humans.

I know I'm rambling. When you leave such an amazing moment in your life... feelings run high! But being there was really special and like I said, I would go if it was Obama or even Clinton :) Have a personal look into a leaders life is always inspiring. Now go out and be a leader!

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The Shaft's said...

What a great experience! I am so glad you were able to go. :)