Tuesday, November 9, 2010


As a mom, do you ever really stop and think about how important your actions are for your kids? Of course we nurture them, feed them, teach them, clothe them, bathe them (you get my point). But we are really shaping their lives, piece by piece. We are creating their habits and their hang ups. Something as simple as the food we feed them, literally shapes their eating habits for the REST OF THEIR LIFE. Isn't that crazy? The way we talk, act, react and treat people will have a contributing factor in their existence. That overwhelms me to say the least. I don't want to hurt my children, I want to give them a great start to their future. If I am feeding them junk food all the time, I am starting that habit and should not be surprised when they are overweight, because I taught them it was okay. Maybe it's just me but I often think that we underplay our responsibility as parents. I know that our children will grow up to be their own persons and develop their own habits....but what I am wondering is, shouldn't we focus on the good habits that we really want them to have and try to instill it as best as we can? For me, I am realizing I want to focus on food, having good self esteem and being a good servant to others. I'm sure things like things are "duhs" to most moms out there, but I'm just really thinking about this right now.... kind of meditating on the power of our responsibility as parents.


The Boyd Family said...

I was thinking this very thing yesterday. As my patience was running thin with both kids, I kept thinking about how I want my kids to see me? Do I want them to see a stressed out, frustrated mom, or a loving, patient one. This is something I have really been working on. ;) Thanks for your post! Keep up the great work as a Mom, your kids are very lucky.

The Shaft's said...

We must all be having an Ah-ha moment on this one. I am trying to not have the t.v. on when Adam is in the room. And it is HARD to do. And he likes the t.v. ek!

eva said...

I think most of us don't spend enough time thinking about this!