Sunday, November 13, 2011

new new new

Today was the premiere of the Harajuku Mini for Target collection. And, yes I was up at midnight waiting to see if I could buy it online. Really cute stuff, quality is what you expect for the price. They are only selling it in stores, so I was one of the first ones there today to snag some cute stuff. Not everything online was in the store I went to, but they had a bunch of styles to pick from. If you want some you should go ASAP. I am sure the cutest stuff will go quick! They have baby, toddler and big girl sizes. I will post pictures tomorrow of my little models with their new duds.


The Shaft's said...

I love the commercial because I am 99% positive I have been to the place they shot at!! LOVE IT and it makes me miss Japan.

The Shaft's said...

I HAVE been there, it is shibuya!!! ah, miss my Japan. ;)