Wednesday, November 16, 2011


This week started off a little rough for me. Then today, totally out of the blue, a friend whom I rarely get to see dropped by a little bit of sunshine because she was thinking of me. This picture does not do this beautiful bag justice... it is every girls candy dream and in person it is the prettiest pink you can imagine. I feel loved and it was just the pickup I needed to remind myself that I am a strong, beautiful, and worthy woman and if I have sweet friends like that and a beautiful family, I must be doing something right.

I admire people like my friend Jane. She had no idea I was upset and just decided she would bless me with a little gift, just because. She has inspired me for a long time. Let's put some sparkle in our friends' lives! Something so simple can move someone else's heart.

And just remember, do not let other people try to define you or bully you. Ever. If you are living your life trying to better the world and put a lot of love into it, don't let anyone tear you down. Even a little bit.



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