Monday, June 14, 2010

emergency kit

(As I was typing this post..we had an earthquake....freaky right?)

I was just about to post about the emergency kit we put together, when I got the following reader question:

"On the emergency kit. Did you use a website for reference or just put together things you know you'd need? I've always wanted to do this but it never seems to get past lots of water in the garage. It frustrates me!"

I think we all get stuck at the water part. I did research online for a list of items to put in my kit. I am kicking myself because I can't find the website....but I did write everything down. I have noticed that different websites have different things, so it's good to look for other add-ins. And of course add in anything else you think you will need. Here was my list:

Water (1 gallon per person for 3 days)
Food (3 days worth/ non perishable)
First Aid Kit (latex gloves, dressing, cleansing, antibiotic, burn ointment, bandages, eyewash, thermometer)
First aid info book
Cell charger
Petroleum Jelly
Dust Masks
Garbage bags
Can opener
Dog food
Fire extinguisher

We found this amazing Johnson & Johnson Emergency First Aid Kit at Target for around $30.00.

It rocks because it contains a lot of these items! So much easier than buying everything separate, so I totally recommend it. Pay attention to the quantity of certain items in there. There are only like 2 dust masks and we have 5 in our family, so we bought more. We also added a utility knife, glow sticks, hydrogen peroxide and a few other things. I just read another place that mentions feminine hygiene items, bleach, etc. So do your research. This website is a good tool.

Putting together an emergency kit is time consuming and costs some money, but I feel so good now that it's done! I really think you should do it too!


Anonymous said...

what a cute blog Amanda! just checked it work though so will have to look at more of it later :) i love it! how do you find the time??

maria kiledjian

Meg El haj said...

Like the blog, thanks! I am in the process of putting together an emergency kit for me and my parents. Ill take your list into consideration, thanks again! P.S LOVE THE PHOTO OF THE KIDS SITTING ON THE KIT :)