Friday, June 4, 2010

It's Friday

Happy Friday!

I saw Sex & the City 2 last night. What a ridiculous movie! But you know what, I would still see it a million times because it's about fabulous women, friendship and Carrie Bradshaw (plus the clothes and decor still rock). I loved how one of the scenes was exactly what I was talking about a few posts below about feeling like I was failing my kids.... proves I'm just a regular mom!

I'm also trying Red Box this weekend, wonder if I will want to cancel my Netflix subscription soon?

Did you see Design Mom's baby portraits for her new addition... really there are no words. If I would have seen these before baby #3 was born, I would have had my uber talented sister do one like the bookshelf picture. Amazing!

I just have to say it out loud.... I feel so far behind with everything. Three kids is crazy and I'm always trying to just get through the day. But I'm reminding myself that the baby is only 5 months old and I need to give myself a break. So I'm hoping I can catch up on projects this weekend. I have a lot of design work that I want to share with you once I find time to upload it all.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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Williams Family said...

Yes it was a ridiculous movie but I am SO excited we got to enjoy the long 2 1/2 hours together! It was fun, the clothes were fabulous and made me realize that I love all of you girls and our friendships. Now only if we could just take a vacation and wear some great fashion like them! But if #3 comes out, we know we will still see it! Love you!