Sunday, June 13, 2010

time is up

Do you remember my 30 Things I Want to Accomplish the First 30 days of my 30's? Well my time is up! How did I do? One part of me wants to say I failed, but I know better! I don't really believe in failure. So, my answer is that I succeeded in completing 26 of my 30 to-do's. It was a really great experience because it forced me to take on some projects I had been putting off and it also made me realize how many more good deeds I can fit into my time. I also confirmed the fact that I am a perfectionist because I found myself doing certain things over again because I didn't feel like what I did was good enough the first time....lame right? I learned a lot about myself and taught myself a few lessons too:

1. I need to be happy enough with my accomplishments, big or small.
2. Every good deed or goal doesn't need to be a gigantic offering of self sacrifice.
3. Sometimes I need to throw in the towel for my own good. It's okay not to finish everything when and how I want well being is just as important.
4. Life throws us bad days/weeks/months that make it nearly impossible to finish your agenda (oh well, God has other plans)
5. I still always put the things most important to my own accomplishments last (my etsy shop and 5 pages for my book), but I'm a mom and that obviously won't change anytime soon.
6. That my husband is really just as nuts as me... he doesn't blink when I tell him we can't leave yet because I have to plant a garden really fast....or I'm sorry we are all sick, but we HAVE to have a picnic and it has to be today.
7. That I worked my ass off to get these done and I am so proud of myself.

I could go on and on and on and on. The four things I did not finish were setting up my etsy shop (couldn't find the time), writing 5 pages for my book (I wish I had), sleep training the baby (oops I waited too long and then he got sick) and losing 4 pounds (I only did 3).

Are you curious about some of the things I did do? Feel free to ask if you want more specifics from my list. Here are a few examples though. I sent an anonymous gift card to a very wonderful lady who works at a place I visit a lot. I donated to and gave money for a classroom that needs books. I tried the new Barre Class at my pilates studio. Brody gave money from his piggy bank to children at CHOC. He also drew pictures and gave them to neighbors. I sewed a baby handkerchief for drool and a baby blanket with tags. I planted Roma tomatoes and some bell peppers. And, my hubby and I went to a wine party hosted by a friend and left the kids at home!

I have to say that praying for a miracle was my favorite.... because it is an act of faith. I prayed for it in different ways, and the thing about a miracle is that it may have happened and I have no idea. Or it may be in the works. You just never know.

I almost want to have a new list of things to accomplish every month....we all should. It really makes you slow down and be thoughtful about the choices you make with your money and your time. I encourage you to make your own list. Try it for a month. Tell me about it. Blog about it. Heck, I will blog about it for you.

Don't ever stop challenging yourself!


Alisha said...

LOVE it and totally inspired me to do a few things too!

Question for ya- On the emergency kit. Did you use a website for reference or just put together things you know you'd need? I've always wanted to do this but it never seems to get past lots of water in the garage. It frustrates me!

Hope all is well, love the blog!!


The Boyd Family said...

Hi Amanda- I've known Vanessa Piot forever, and she totally got me hooked on your blog. I love it!! I loved your idea of making a list of goals, and may try something similar myself. Good job on all the things you accomplished!! Also, loved the idea about the gift cards for Christmas! :)

Amanda's Favs said...

Hi Boyd Family!

Thank you for the nice words!! If you want to do your own 30 days as a challenge we can totally blog about it here on my blog. Let me know! Thanks for visiting.