Thursday, June 10, 2010

small change, big difference

Something so simple like giving my kids their own drawer for their bowls, cups, plates & sippys has made the world of difference for me. Now they don't have to ask me a million times for a cup of water or a bowl for snacks from a high up cabinet....they can get them on their own because they can reach them. I saw this on another mom's blog and adopted it right away. I'm sure to some of you it's a no brainer, but I hadn't even thought about it. Less hassle and worth the mess (when Piper likes to play in there).


eva said...

and maya likes to play with the dora cups too :)

Anonymous said...

I did this when my kids were little and the funny thing is that I still have it. I was going to change it one day and Chandler said why because he liked it that way. All the plastic cups and bowls are kept in a drawer that Chandler now has to bend over to get to it. Jane