Wednesday, June 30, 2010

new blog - and she needs your help!

Do you have a case of the "what are we going to do today" summer blues? It's hard being a mom in the summertime and thinking of new things to do with the kiddos. That's why Lara just started the blog Saving Grace for Summer. She is reaching out to other parents for summer ideas. Here is what she is asking,

"So here is my plea..
I am asking all my friends, moms, dads, non parents and parents to be, for some help.
Send me any and all of your ideas that you have done, will do, or plan on doing with your kids this summer. Craft ideas, outing ideas, any ideas!
And tell EVERYONE you know about this so they too can add to the plethora of ideas that we are all going to share! The more the merrier!
I started this for my stay at home homies (and let's face it, really for myself!) to not get discouraged and keep the pace with these youngins that have more energy than that obnoxious pink bunny with the drum on TV!
Please email me at and you can do your part to help save a parent from the seemingly endless summer days! Think of it as a new charity program.
Save the parents!
Let's share our thoughts and ideas about what works.
I will post all the comments and your names for all to see."

Please send Lara your great ideas so we can benefit from them all!

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