Tuesday, December 28, 2010

cute outfit alert!

(This picture makes me laugh because she did not want to take it!)

I love this outfit and picked it out because I wanted her to wear something that had separates that could be used for lots of occasions. I'm not into the Holiday Dress that gets used once or twice. Every thing that she is wearing was on sale at Zara Kids. Some of their deals were AWESOME! I wish I could have bought more.

Dress- $25.99
Sweater- $10.99
Shirt- $12.99
Boots- $25.99
Tights- already owned


Ms. Charlie said...

AAWWWW Too Cute! You can see it in her face she did not want to take the picture!

Anonymous said...
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The Shaft's said...

Zara is HUGE in Japan. In every mall. Super cute.

anna said...

that is a classic picture, totally adorable - she is cute even when she doesn't want take a picture!