Monday, December 20, 2010


(I love this image of Santa Claus by Coca-Cola. Did you know that Coca-Cola advertising helped shape the modern-day image of Santa Claus? They started their first Santa ads in the 1920's and back then Santa was depicted differently be everyone, from tall & gaunt to an elf. They started advertising him as a kind, jolly man in a red suit.)

I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to tell you about how I was making a plan for Santa's visit this year. Brody is getting older and I can see how magical Christmas is becoming to him. I remember how I felt when I ran downstairs Christmas morning. I want to make sure that magical feeling lives inside of him for as long as possible. So I googled ways to make Santa's visit more magical. I found this page and my favorite thing on it is #2:

"Sacrifice your carpet. A few well placed sooty footprints on the living room rug show that the fat man in the red suit didn't wipe his feet after coming down the chimney. Suggest to your child that you should leave a bathmat next to the fireplace for Santa to wipe his boots on. Leave the mess on the rug, and you create evidence of his visit while sparing your floors."

Of course I also love leaving a letter from Santa, just a little thank you note next to the cookie crumbs. But I love that they said to do it in silver or gold pen (remember to hide the pen after). I'm also thinking maybe I should make some Santa thank you's (since that's what I do) and give them out to friends' to use. Hmmmmm.

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