Friday, December 17, 2010

my response

A fellow blogger asked people to post on what they love. I felt compelled to answer. I know part of it is the Christmas season. I know part of it is that Mark and I have been climbing this unstoppable and sometimes unrelenting hill for 2.5 years (I say hill because I know that it could be much worse, a mountain so to speak). I have always been me. That never changes. But how I have changed in these last 2.5 years is unfounded (emotionally, spiritually, personally). So while the things that I love are numerous, the things that I truly love are few. I am not talking about actual things or people....I am talking about those things that are felt, but unseen. Here was my answer:

I love:
the power of faith
the promise of hope
the warmth of love
the joy of laughter
the stillness of peace
the stability of family
in times like these

That's it. That sums up the state of my times like these.


anna said...

that was beautiful, just like you! :)

The Shaft's said...

Perfectly poetically said. xo

eva said...

love this

Williams Family said...

love it